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At DRM, we believe that each employee contributes directly to our growth and success, which is why every employee is also part-owner in the company.

Our employee-ownership model encourages cooperation, innovation, and a company-wide commitment to quality and service. We work together to make DRM succeed and together, we all reap the rewards.

Working Here

What We Do.

DRM Electrocoat is a specialty paint facility. We apply a black cathodic epoxy with zinc phosphate pre-treatment to metal castings and other metals surfaces as a rust inhibitor. We also provide masking, inspection, and packaging services for our customers, who come from the automotive, agricultural, construction, and heavy truck industries.

Our Setup.

We are based in Reedsburg, WI and are part of the larger DRM family of companies. We employ approximately 50 people working in two shifts and are still growing which means we are actively accepting applications.

We Won't Sugarcoat It.

We won’t sugarcoat it – ecoat jobs can be labor-intensive, but if you enjoy moving around during the day, have an eye for detail, and take pride in your work, we want to hear from you!

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Our Values


We encourage employees to work together as a team to accomplish common goals. Employees helping each other and developing solutions is important to realizing great Teamwork at DRM.


We offer the opportunity for each employee to take on responsibility within their role. Employees taking pride in what they do is what makes the end product to the customer so rewarding. A dedicated team brings all of this together and creates Ownership throughout the organization.

Positive Behavior.

Demonstrating a Positive Behavior at DRM means being optimistic about situations, interactions and your co-workers. Challenge yourself to remain positive and see the best in even the most difficult situations. Having a solutions-driven mindset will help connect the dots between a tough situation and a positive outcome.


Demonstrating the values of Teamwork, Ownership and Positive Behavior on a consistent basis leads to Growth in the people of DRM, as well as Growth in the business. One of the most rewarding accomplishments is personal Growth within a company.


Working At DRM

At DRM, you're an Employee Owner. Which means your work everyday will be rewarded.
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More than just a job.

DRM Electrocoat became 100% employee-owned in 2022. Every employee owns shares in the company. This allows DRM to offer employees more than just a paycheck. They are also employee-owners of the business – when the company succeeds, we all succeed.

Employee Ownership
A chance to turn a job into a career
A supportive, growth-mindset culture
Growth opportunities and investment
Competitive pay and benefits


Paid every week

401k matching

Weekly incentive bonus opportunities

Paid Holidays

Health Insurance

Leadership Training & Opportunities

Employee Ownership retirement plan

and more!


Note: DRM Industries does require pre-employment drug testing.

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